Irresistible Original Trendy Urban Street-wear Apparel from The Store Offering Great Deals for Black Friday 2018

Chic urban street-wear is a staple among people who don’t only look for style and fashion expression but also comfort. The Store is a clothing line that offers all that and more. Owned and run solely by Tracey Arbon, The Store, which is associated with her music website called Music Talks, is giving 20% discount store wide in conjunction with the 2018 Black Friday celebrations. The cut applies to the urban trendy clothing of high quality The Store sells that range from Leggings, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Zipper Hoodies, Bags, Dresses, Shoes, Clothes, Skirts to Infant Clothing and more. For selected items, free shipping is available, all on these great pre-Christmas shopping deals by The Store.

The Store is a part of a global indie music site that the sole proprietor, Tracey Arbon has spearheaded as a singer and an aspiring businesswoman taking the plunge in creative clothing designing and selling. The Store has a lot of clothing that is more to street-wear, urban style. Although the clothing line is fairly a new kid on the block, Tracey Arbon has consolidated its presence in the fashion scene. The exciting deals for Black Friday 2018 are tantamount to that.

 A shopper at The Store can expect clothing that are designed keeping premium quality and trendy and cool designs in mind which will leave them look dapper and feel comfortable at the same time. And, the shopping season that is Black Friday, provides an excellent opportunity for customers to get the awesome apparel at The Store at 20% off. The garments are designed using the coolest graphics that produce great designs - items are also made on demand.

Tracey Arbon is mad about creativity and that’s how The Store was born, affiliated to her music site Music Talks. Since when she was a little girl, Tracey Arbon has been immersed in clothing industry – her father’s manufacturing business had Levis jeans manufactured. That ignited a spark early on.

The Store coming into being and all the sartorial designs are hugely influenced by Tracey Arbon’s formative years. In her salad days, weekends and school holidays were spent working in her father’s clothing manufacturing factory for an incentive. That laid the foundation and it was fuelled by her mother’s excellent sewing skills that were characterised by putting together clothes from the designing to the end processes. Tracey Arbon’s mother was meticulous in her trade – painstakingly sewing sequins one at a time, with great attention to detail.

What inspired Tracey Arbon the most though was her mother’s love for everything sartorial. Also, her dedication to make every piece of supreme quality fabric a masterpiece of a garment and attentiveness to the tiniest of details is something Tracey Arbon strives to emulate in the clothes The Store sells. It is indeed a labour of love for Tracey Arbon. She adds on exciting designs that are new and bears hope to add other styles of dresses and other clothes besides urban street-wear – to see to The Store’s growth and evolution.

This Black Friday 2018 deals by The Store is something that should not be missed on. On November 23rd 2018, be sure to check out The Store for the biggest shopping event of the year and take full advantage of the 20% discount store wide and free shipping for selected items.

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