Why A Clothing Store?

Tracey Arbon 

It may seem a little odd to some as to why I have a full  blown apparel store linked with a music site.

Initially I began a smaller store on the musictalks.xyz website with a few t-shirts and merchandise from the Music Talks brand. But after leaving it sit there for 2 years, not doing anything about it, along the way I found another love for making video's and graphic design, and in general creating.

Since I am also a singer/songwriter, I've realized that I truly love the whole creative process, the setting up of business's, making things work, and giving people what they want thats valuable.

  At this time in my personal life, it has been very difficult to get back into my singing...but it will happen. :) You can see more about that here www.traceyarbon.com

The Music Talks website is a promotional blog site to help Independent Music Artists, and while we do have way's where anyone can donate to help me run this site, I'm certainly not one to ask for money from anyone. I would much rather people actually get something of value from something they love.  

I'm still not quite sure many people  see  a promotional blog site valuable. Even though it entails so much behind the scenes in bringing great independent music and content to others, and free promotion for artists. It's more of a service. I believe it's human nature to require something to have and to hold before they see it valuable enough to pay. For example, if you can hold a physical CD, people don't mind paying for it, as opposed to purchasing music via digital download. If someone was to hand you a CD or a Movie in the physical format, the appreciation is much greater. Of course if there is great reading material where you can really learn something, this too would be classed as value.  

I love sharing new independent music, but there came a point where I needed more at this time. Not necessarily more to do, but more from my creative input and this is where the explosion of 'The Store' came in. 

Why not musical instruments, or books, or CDs'?? 

Clothes are something in which have been ingrained in me from a very young age through the introduction of the rag-trade from my father. My father owned a manufacturing business in Adelaide, South Australia. It was where the 'Levi' Jeans were manufactured, 'Corfu' jeans, the first duffle coat, industrial clothing which was exported from Australia to the USA, and more. 

This was a huge part of my growing up, where every school holiday's and every weekend my sister and I would work in the factory with his staff of over 100 machinists. I would be paid $5 on the weekends, and a little bit more during the school holidays for helping out and to snip the cottons of the garments. 

My mother was an exceptional seamstress, she would make clothes from the very first stages of designing, and would not skimp on quality to the point of sewing sequins on dresses one sequin at a time.

But it was more than that. It was her love of making exceptional quality, where garments would be double stitched and overlocked, lined, stiffening where needed with good quality fabric. In-fact, all our clothes were made for us. 

The first time I bought a pair of jeans and other clothing items, it was a very weird experience indeed. 

So, now that 'The Store' is finally here, I will always be adding new designs, and hope to add some other styles of dresses and pants. 

In the meantime, I hope you love the designs, and should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

Have a great day!


Tracey :)